Message from the Captain – 21st August 2020

Hi everyone,

During this unusual time it has become very apparent that many of our members have really missed bowls.  Thankfully, thanks to Andy, Jules and many others, we have been able to enjoy friendly weekend games following Covid guidelines.

Although we only have a couple of months left this season Bowls England have provided some information for us to use on social media etc to encourage friends and family to come along for a friendly roll up.

I have therefore included some posters to give you all some inspiration. I have posted this on my Facebook page and  will also put them out on WhatsApp.

As you may all be aware Saturday mornings were set aside for coaching sessions. This would be an ideal time to take advantage of our facilities and to introduce bowls to your friends. We have some woods in the top shed and mats and jacks are available in the foyer of the club. If you would like to bring along any friends or family members this equipment is available to use, ensuring everything is sanitised before and after use. The only stipulation is to ensure flat shoes are worn on the green.

We have an online booking system in place – if you would like to come along with friends please ensure you book a time on the top green. Just to ensure we can maintain social distancing.

This is your club please do feel that you can bring along friends etc to have a go.  We all love bowls and as a member said to me once:

“There are a lot of people out there that love bowls, they just don’t know it yet”

Best wishes to you all.


Club Captain.

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