Trentham Bowls 2020 Autumn Newsletter

Dear Member,

Please find attached a copy of Trentham’s 2020 Autumn Newsletter.  This newsletter is sent to all registered members, normally by email but if  you do not have an email address registered with the Club I can post a copy to you, it will also be displayed in the Club House and on the Website.  If you are having difficulties opening and reading the attached PDF file, please let me know and I can send you a JPG (picture) instead.  Please feel free to copy and pass on to anyone who might be interested.

After discussions between the Senior Club Committee Members and the Trustees, it has been decided that under the current Covid-19 restrictions it would not be possible to hold the AGM this year, various alternatives have been discussed, such as restricted access, using technology, etc, but none were deemed feasible in the circumstances.  The accounts will still be audited however, and current members of the committee are being asked to consider carrying on with their current roles for the time being. If this situation changes, a notice will be sent out.

These are difficult times, and although not many will be visiting the Club on a regular basis, could  I also take the opportunity to remind members that we have a letter rack in the entrance, and to please put all letters, mail and messages in this rack.  I have discovered mail, (bills and receipts), sometimes weeks old left in many different places in the Club House, on tables, cupboards and on the bar.  I check the letter rack every time I am in the Club.  We will be moving the scoring books and sheets out of there soon.   Also, if you take a message, either on the Club Answer machine, or directly, please ensure the message gets to the intended person, or at least someone who can deal with it. Thanks

Please try and keep safe over the next few months and if anything changes at the Club, we will endeavour to inform everyone as soon as we can.

Kind Regards

Rick Hough

Honorary Treasurer

Trentham Bowling Club

Mob: 0771 529 5878


2020 Trentham News Autumn