Obituary: John Carr

In memory of Mr. John Carr, Trustee, Past Captain, fellow bowler, and friend.

 John’s association with Trentham Bowling Club started over 40 years ago when you could only use the lawns if you were an Employee of G Percy Trentham Limited, this rule proved frustrating and the club struggled to field four men’s triples in matches, all friendlies, at that time. Eventually, as some members of today will recall, the club opened up to non-employees, only men at first, and then ladies were allowed to join, to give us the club we all now know and enjoy.

John won the Open Singles in 1986 and skipped some memorable Kennet League and Club County matches, he was elected Captain in 1989, the year our Lease negotiations began, and enlisted as one of three trustees to guide us over four years of negotiations to ensure we have the facilities, both greens and clubhouse we have today. His second period as Captain was in 1998 and he was eventually recognised for his work at the Club by being made a Life Member in 2004.

Many of the present-day members may not have known John as he contracted a hip disease around 19 years ago and had to use a wheelchair, undeterred and for many years, John has helped the disabled people of Newbury in helping them with grant applications to the Council to improve their quality of life. John remained a Trustee of the club although meetings were now held in Newbury’s Asda over a coffee.  Despite being unable to visit the Club as often as he would like, John took a very active interest in all that was happening at the Club.  A larger-than-life person, good bowler and a person who saw both sides of the coin. John has sadly passed away but his legacy to the history and story of Trentham Bowling Club has helped in the support and growth for the future of this Club.

RIP Mr. Carr